Tiny Spaceship


nice, but whats with the environment?

I want to make underwater buildings, plants etc.
And a distant city that mirroring on the water.

the spaceship’s awesome, but I don’t understand the environment either


Dosn’t look tiny

Must to make water under the ship, because I want to shop the ship’s bottom, because it is nice.

I don’t want to make a realistic scene, maybe a surreal. And I don’t want to make easy-to understand scene.

I for one like the enviroment. It looks as if the ship is ACTUALLY tiny. Which i have problems doing. Are the green pentegon shaped things platforms or underwater thingies?

how cute! i like it!


Same… :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the ship, very retro…one question, are the other things above water?

I like this environment! Its almost abstract, as if it was made by advanced insects or something…

i dig it dude, i like the environment too. somehow reminds me of final fantasy stuff, cool. :smiley:

needs more stuff in the water, more texture to it!

very nice though!

i think the only thing giving it scale is the size of the ripples around the ship. Add more size references to evoke the right feeling. Or add some huge laser cannons for a different direction.

I have an idea to make realistic water waves
Look this water effect:

So the idea:

  1. make an ortho camera front of the water plane
  2. set the clip start and clip for the camera look ONLY the plane
  3. now with this camera we will see the object that are going through the water plane
  4. render this camera a now we need to implement the water effect to the rendered image
  5. the water effect makes a new image, we will use this as bump map on the water plane

this is very nice.

You post this render in work in progress, so you wiil make some modifications on it !!