Tio Ilmo Boat

Hi folks,

Here I am with my latest work. Sorry for modeling knowledge limitation, but I am just trying …

Effects used in this work :

  • Boolean tools to make the circular holes in the cell
  • Wind softbody effect to make the flag flying
  • My 2d logo as the deck texture
  • My 3d logo as the flag texture
  • Some subsurfs in general

Thanks for your comments in advance.

Tio Ilmo


for the cabin (?) bit in the middle i tihnk youd better use autosmoothing-

it has a nicer effect than set smooth- its under the same tab, over to the right a bit, just enable it and play with the angle a bit

also the hull seems a bit rough- you could try sub-surfacing it more or pressing subdevide smooth in edit mode

this is good as an early work - im sure youve seen some nasty ones in the forums :wink: