tip: Boolean not working? Solidify tool takes care of that.

I am using the Boolean modifier for an architecture project. It is working really good, I have the same functionality as any Building Modeling Software, but with the visualization power and flexibility of Blender.

So if you want to use Booleans for sections or cut troughs, here are some tips.

  1. Keep your objects simple, your meshes have to be closed if the section planes are to be solid.
  2. Either deform a cube to make sure you have a closed mesh, or deform and add geometry to a simple plane, and add thickness with the Solidify modifier. With solidify the mesh will always be closed.
  3. If boolean is giving you weird results, solidify takes care of it.
  4. Section material. Your boolean meshes should be set to be invisible in the render, and perhaps wire in the viewport. Then it should have the section material applied to it. Make sure that your meshes have this section material to, but not applied to any polygon.