[Tip] Fix for when you rename a bone while its animations retain the old name

Problem: you made a whole bunch of Actions with an armature. Then, for whatever reason, you needed to rename a bone that’s animated in all of them (for example, renamed “Pelvis” to “Hips”). Now every F-Curve that used to contain reference to “Pelvis” is broken (underlined in red in the Graph editor).

Solution: you need to go into each F-Curve of each affected Action and manually re-name the reference to the bone to its new name (i.e. “Hips”) instead.

Better solution:

  1. Select the bone

  2. Select an affected action in Action editor (make it active)

  3. Temporarily rename the bone to what it used to be called. Now the red lines have disappeared.

  4. Rename the bone back to the new name.

Granted, now you have to do this for every affected Action, but at least it’s faster than manually editing several F-Curves’s bone references.

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