TIP : using nurbs cylinder in cycles, instead of normal cylinder

While i was rendering some images, i noticed that
A nurbs cylinder does render a lot better dan a normal cylinder,
Just keep it a nurbs and dont make a mesh of it.

If you need a closed top of this cylinder type then just click extrude then dont do anything and do anther extrude, then scale second extruded those top points to zero, when the top is closed press ctrl + and then move both extrusions a tiny amount upwarts.

These cylinders will never show up the faces of a shape, so are real highres and because of their nature thy render fast while working with them.

I am only left puzled why nurbs are not seen that often.

That is not correct. When you render, the objects are triangulated by the renderer, including any nurb surface objects. You can see the triangulation when using a wireframe node.
If you increase the nurb surface resolution to the max you will also see a large increase in render time

Well i think its correct if i add normal cylinders then you see the effect of their faces, in high ress zoomed renders, i dont see this with the nurbs, well on machine that is.

The default nurbs cylinder settings. Note the non perfect curved edge

As with meshes, the results all depend on the mesh/nurbs settings. The renderer has to triangulate everything in your rendered scene so you cannot have purfectly smooth surfaces

Yes but when i render them they seam to be better ?

It still subdivides it based on the value in the nurbs settings panel… until adaptive subdivision comes into cycles, there will always be faceted edges if you zoom in close enough.

Since the nurbs are triangulated during render time…would they suffer from the “terminator problem” the same way normal meshes do?

Proportional editing and subsurfing has made NURBS modeling less useful. At one time it was great to be able to edit a surface by just pulling on a knot and having it remain smooth. And NURBS were especially good at large objects that took up very little space on disk.