Tippex WIP

I know it’s not the most complicated of models, but I am practising and planning to make something bigger in the end. The render below in cycles is only 200 samples and still needs improvement on its texturing and to add a couple of bits on the model like the threading around the top of the bottle. Any other ideas or comments are welcome and needed to help me :slight_smile:


A quick update with thread added and starting on a pen model.

(Cycles - 200 samples)

Latest update, includes, rubber “band” for the pen grip with a detail in its grooves. Also rearranged and added a page with a “poem” and a partly corrected text, made in Gimp.

(Cycles 200 samples)

Still undecided on arrangement but will be more objects added to ehance the feeling of the picture. Just slowly progressing as I dont have much time :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good, a bit too clean though! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt frm school it’s stay away from messy tippex kid. :smiley:

Now there is a wooden surface for everything to sit on and a glass of whiskey on the rocks.
Seems like the ice and glass need a lot more passes to clear up, but its still a WIP and still chnages as I go on… maybe it needs a new title too :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cycles 500 passes)

the glass is unnecessary and doesnt really look interesting
tippex label should show a little more contrast maybe, because now it looks a little washed off, maybe its the background too dull or a little too high roughness on the material, or both; compare with some reference images like this for example http://www.ielanguages.com/realia/cache/France/whiteout_595.jpg
i really like the letter, materials on both sheet and the writing are very nice, only that sheet shape is too perfect, just a slight bump here and there, bulge - but really subtle - will make a big difference

Yes I have noticed that with the “washed out” colour but I think it’s an issue with my lighting setup… or something along those lines.
I will play with bending the paper a bit I like your idea and see how it works.

wow, this looks really good, i see that your going for the very artistic type, and a poem on the paper, i would recommand moving the camera back a bit and lining up some books along the back end of the desk, you know like great poems and van Gough’s best work etc… and then perhaps a pot of ink with a quil.
anyway great work cant wait to see the progress :slight_smile:

Not much in modelling but played a bit with amterials and puffed up the paper a bit. Also gave it a shot at higher samples.

(Cycles 2000 passes)

I am having ideas on adding things in the back , something like the books suggested or a pair of specs…

@bizla : Someone else has done an ink and quill or pen… so even if I was inspired by their tutorial I wouldn’t redo their scene ! Thnx for your comment and ideas tho :slight_smile:

Oh damn, i guess i dont think very uniquely then lol :slight_smile:

Made two versions to follow up… I am inclined to the letter rather than the photos… but still adding things to the scene. Takes 1:10 hour to do a full render (or to say an acceptable quality)

(Cycles 2000 samples)

Small update again : Decluttered scene a bit and moved cam back to include more of the letter. Added a photo-frame hinting of the poet writing this to his beloved-framed lady, or maybe replying to her letter in such a romantic way. Also added a subtle DoF trying not to kick out of scene the relative items that bring more “atmosphere”.

(Cycles 800 passes)

Any comments or ideas are welcome and appreciated :evilgrin:

Played a bit more with lighting and added a cross in the envelope with a glden chain. Now I run in my common problem where I need to give to the cross a reflection so it seems golden and not just painted golden… either by an engraving or an item to reflect on it… but still not sure how it is done… sigh Cycles is a challenge on such things
Any ideas - tips ?

(Cycles 2000 passes)

P.S. Other than that I think tis composition is coming near end once the cross has been improved)

Here is the final render at 2000 samples. Submitted to blender nation.
Turned on some lights cause I think it was getting a bit dark… also added a “displacement” on the coss to give it something interest thatn a dull empty reflective-with-no-reflection surface.

I was going to say you should turn up the light but you thought of it first.

Great work!!!