Tips about modelling a simple shape

i need to make a ring low poly and i’d ask you there’re any ideas to do it. i’ve tried to use the Bezier Curves with the BevOb option, then convert it to a mesh and decimate the ring but it starts to be too much non uniform and i dont like it. i’d like to make a circle of max 10 vertex and duplicate it circularly around a point, then join the vertex of each circles, but it seems to an hard work for a so easy shape. is there any speed up ? also, is possible to duplicate circularly and object?
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The idea of using a BevOb extrusion was good : just set the DefResolU parameter lower for each your path and the profile you’re extruding, until you get something low poly enough for you (make a copy before alt+C as the original is discarded).

Otherwise learn to spin a profile, either a mesh or a nurbs surface.

The documentation can be accessed directy from the help menu in Blender.


a long (but fun for practice) way would be:
-add a circle
-in top view extrude all the vertice inward (E-key, enter, S-key, move cursor and enter)
-if needed, fill the faces (select vertice 4x4 and press F to make face)
-in side view select ans extrude all the vertice downward (E-key, mouve cursor and enter)

you could also do the same, starting with a tube mesh object (slightly laziest way than the previous) in order to save one or two steps.

the most efficient way is to use the Spin and SpinDup buttons to achieve the very same results: (the lazier way) but you should remind to remove doubles. this link should also answers to your last question. Blender is fairly well documented :wink:

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If I understand correctly, you want to model a (low poly) torus.
Try the following script: which does just that.

Here are some examples of what it can do by varying two parameters:torus