Tips bulding a huge map

Hey everyone!

I am currently working on a car game in the BGE and as I have the logic on a playable stadium I am now focusing on the map.
Of course since this is a car game the map is pretty huge (3km x 1.5km) and this makes it impossible to place every scenery object by hand…

My questions are now:
-is there a way to place stuff like houses or trees like in unity where you can draw them onto the landscape (and they should all be individual objects so my LOD system will work)?
-is there any way to array an object like with the array modifier so that you get an array of identical but individual objects without having to apply the modifier and seperate every part and replacing the origins…
-if you are using planes with street textures beeing fitted to a curve by an array and a curve modifyer as roads, how would you create a nice crossing or is there a better way to do streets e.g. with a stencil texture on the ground?

I hope you guys know how to do that better than I do :smiley:

Thank you!

To add a bunch of objects add a particle system to the landscape,
select hair instead of particle
set render to object or group.
select the object or create a group if you want different random objects spawned everywhere.
Set the scale of the object and any other properties you want.
If the objects are all rotated wrong, rotate the object being spawned in edit mode by 90 degrees in random directions until the particle versions line up correctly.
Create a vertex group using the edit tab.
Under vertex groups in particles, set density to the vertex group you just made.
You can now add vertices to that group and objects will only spawn at those spaces. You can use edit mode or vertex paint.
After it looks right, go to the modifier tab and click convert.
This may crash blender if you spawned to many objects so save first.

For arrays I would suggest instead using spawning a bunch of objects, selecting them all, pressing Space bar, type random, select randomize transform, and hit T to bring up the options for it. It’s not an array but still useful.

Curves are a good idea for roads (wish I had thought of that) but intersections should be drawn on their own. Then just add them wherever roads meet and make a slight incline up to the intersection so it can be place over the intersecting pieces of rode.
Good luck
If you have any other questions, I hope someone will answer it faster than this.

Thanks for your reply NicRule!
Yes I agree that a particle system could do that job, but I am not really a fan of this method since it is really unflexible and you have a lot of objects in your scene.
At the moment I am testing a realtime alternative to the blender particle system.
It is basically a python script that iterates through all vertices of a specific mesh and adds objects in the position of the verts with a probability that is is specifies with a color channel of that mesh (a value of 0.0 means a probability of 0%, 0.5 means 50% etc.).
That works for vegetation, like grass or trees.
It allows you to modify it simple by going into vertex paint mode and drawing onto your mesh.

I think that Torakunsama did something similar a little while back, and it worked well (what he developed of it)
If you get a system like that working well, I’d be keen to see it.