tips for an explotion-related question

Let’s say that I have a canon and I’m shooting bad guys. The canon spits canon-balls (of course) which kick the bad fellas out of the picture. The high momentum of the projectiles really pushes said chars back and gravity does the rest. Easy to get this working but nothing spectacular.

Now suppose that I want to make things more interesting, visually wise. So upon impact an explosion would take place and both projectile and enemies vanish. What’s the best way to achieve this?
#1. can the BGE handle a real-time fire and smoke sim? I’ve seen this used but I’m not sure if it’s produced in real time or if it is a rendered explosion which is shown for a second or two.
#2. regardless of the first query, the general idea is to put the explosion on its own layer and make it visible for a couple of sec? Or is there some other alternative?

Hope these are sensible questions.

Not fire and smoke using the particle sim, but:

What is an Explosion, Fire or Smoke?
How about a bunch of small blobs that glow expand and change colour
Or maybe a UV animated texture (Tiles on GLSL or single-texture, UV-scroll on multi-texture)

And yes, the explosion does have to be on the second layer.

If you want a demo blend I have one somewhere that I can find.

sdfgeoff, many thanx for the response.
I’d certainly appreciate a demo file, should you find one.

Find one? Sounds like they sometimes just appear on your hard-drive!!!
I’ll upload one after I’ve had some lunch.

please forgive my sarcastic remark but this really seems like a pretty long lunch session! :slight_smile:

Well, read his signature! I gotta PM him! And let us all know, so we can nod in disapproval!

It was a big lunch!

Here is an animated UV tex version, should work in single, multi or GLSL modes. (I haven’t tested GLSL though)Explosion1.blend (215 KB)
I’m pretty sure I have everything packed, but if I forgot let me know.

Hey sdfgeoff thanx for sharing the file! :slight_smile:

It’s super cool but I can’t really figure out how it works.
Firstly, it appears to have no texture(s) at all, while in your original response you mentioned texture animation as a possible solution.
Secondly, unless the explosion is produced using python code it’s really beyond me at the moment.

Any pointers/explanations would be really helpful.