Tips for creating an animated music video?

I’m trying to create an animated music video. Specifically, I want characters singing and objects moving in sync with the music. Anybody got any helpful tips?
As for me, this is what I’ve found works well:

  • You can turn on “audio scrubbing” the timeline to play back various parts of the audio file manually. Make sure to turn on “AV-sync” (this is especially useful if you’re using the laggy shaded mode). The downside is that the audio turns out a bit garbled, so I end up just using the regular play button often.
  • When lip-syncing, it’s sometimes helpful to use the NLA (Nonlinear animation) editor to create animation strips according to various phonemes or even words, move around and mix between them easily by just moving the strips around. Turn on “Auto Blend in/out” to make sure there’s a smooth transition between overlapping strips.
  • I think I might create a karaoke-style video file as a helpful overlay when animating. I want phonemes to appear as written words on video, so as not to constantly check with the audio to see if the animation syncs up. For the pure music sections, I might also create some sort of visual text feedback to help when animating.

If anybody has any more (or better) tips, please share.