Tips for getting used to a tablet

I just bought a Wacom tablet (an intuos art pen and touch) and am trying to get used to it. I’ve never used a tablet before and it feels clunky, slow to navigate, and imprecise to me (the only advantage it has for me right now over a mouse is pressure sensitivity while sculpting) and I was wondering if there are any exercises that could help me get a better feel for it, or if it is simply a matter of using it a lot.

Just keep using it and practicing, also setup hotkeys to your ideal liking.

I personally use my mouse still, it’s a nice mouse with extra buttons I’ve bound. When I do anything like texture painting or sculpting I’ll pull out the tablet because that’s where it’s most useful.

Nothing wrong with using a tablet to do it all, if you want to, just keep it up and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Sculpting is where i have used it so far. It just doesn’t feel as natural as the mouse, but I’ll keep at it and see what happens.

Also, there are times when it doesn’t release the mouse button. I.e. if i switch over to the mouse and move it around, it acts like the mouse button is still pressed. I’m sure this is user error, but I’m not sure what i am doing nor how to correct.

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If you leave the pen lying on the tablet it can cause issues. If not this, I have no idea!

It takes time like any tool. Make sure your tablet is mapped to your monitor correctly in the wacom settings. If you use two monitors it may stretch the aspect of your tablet to match your monitors. You can also set it to be limited to the physical size of your tablet on the monitor rather than matched with the monitor as a whole.

Good luck!

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When using a tablet, one of the most important tings I find is the relation between the User<>Desk<>Tablet.

Because your tablet is going to be set as an Absolute Space (rather than what a mouse is - Relative), it is of most importance that it is set at an angle that feels natural to the way you sit at your desk.

To set it up:

  • open a painting App
    -draw a couple of screen-size “+” signs
  • if the lines are not perfectly horizontal and vertical, rotate your tablet slightly
  • rinse an repeat until you can draw a screen sized “+” with (near perfect) horizontal and vertical lines

any time the tablet starts feeling weird, revert to tis test

In my case, my tablet is rotated quite extremely CCW in relation to the desk