Tips for hiding rig controllers?

Is there an easy way I can add controls in a rig to some kind of layer where I can toggle their visibility on/off? For example, I when I have a rig that has controllers that I won’t be using for awhile but I don’t want them in my way while I’m working.

Usually I select them and do “CTRL-H” to hide and “ALT-H” to unhide all, but this doesn’t always work as well as I want. Thanks.

Historically, we use bones as controllers. Any modifier or constraint that you may use an empty as a target can use a specific bone instead.
As is, you can hide/unhide bone layers.

A Rigify rig is made of 20 visible bone layers containing controllers (addon creates a labelled button for each into sidebar) and 3 hidden bone layers (original bones, constraint owners and deform ones).

But in 2.8, if you use empties as controllers ; you can also simply put them into a collection.