Tips for making Player (Cube) not stick to walls when jumping

In my game I have the Player which is just a cube as it is first person so that’s all I need. However there’s one annoying little thing that I’ve been playing around with to try and fix. Basically when the Player jumps up against the wall, and are trying to move into it at the same time. Instead of falling when they’re supposed to, or jumping up against it. They just stick to the wall. What are some tips to prevent this?

Well, it depends on how you set up your scene and motion but try to add some margin to the collision box of your box. It might do the trick. If it doesn’t how is your character moving? using location, force, linear velocity, servo control or a python script?

I think if you set the cube to bounds it should prevent the sticking on the wall. Is your cube dynamic or a static object?

It is dynamic with Collision bounds set to “Box”, with a Margin of 0.010

Try increasing the Margin. It helped me a lot of time. If it doesn’t work, you can send a test blend file with the problem in it and I’ll try to see how it can be solved.

Hmm, I’ve managed to solve it by setting the Friction in the material settings down to 0.000 (I originally had it on 0.5)

Ha, interesting, glad to see you found a solution.