Tips for Mickey?

The last page of the tutorials sticky has a quick tut for a cartoon shoe. I completed it and decided just to expand on it, making some sort of cartoon character as I went. Well, it’s starting to become Mickey Mouse, and just thought I’d ask for some tips for this type of project. Here’s the current WIP:

I know the shoes are a bit shiny. I’ve never really modeled a character before, so I’m kind of winging it. C&C? Tips? Advice?

Offhand two tips come immediately to mind.

  1. Try to use quads as much as possible. e.g. all your polygons should be 4 sided. If you have triangles, then they dont smooth as nice and you might get unwanted wrinkels or other artefacts in your model. Also triangles suck for deformation. e.g. when you want to pose your character after rigging.

  2. Dont be afraid to start from scratch if you are unsatisfied with your model. No matter how much time you’ve already spent on it. When I first started modelling, I was trying to model a head for a cartoon character, and the first head was just awful, it would have taken too long to tweak it until it looked good, so I just started over from scratch and the second came out MUCH better.