Tips for modeling amphibious creature

So I am relatively new to 3D Modeling with Blender. I am very familiar with the UI as I use it for animation, environment design, post processing, and simple 3D Modeling, but I really want to learn complex 3D Modeling now and I wanted to start by making a frog. I am having several issues. One is I am having a very hard time finding tutorials that can give me valuable information on YouTube. Most of them are either for absolute beginners (which I have experience with 3D Modeling just nothing this complex) or are not applicable. Another issue I am having is finding a good reference image due to frogs having complex topology due to their legs and eyes so it isn’t a simple extrude down and re position a few vertices. My problem is not necessarily with Blender but with 3D Modeling in general. Please, If anyone had any tips or good tutorials I may find useful send them to me. Thank you!