Tips For Modeling Genitals?

So I generally avoided sculpting for a while now as I found a bit to intimidating when I first started. Just got into it this week though and making a body’s basic shape is easy enough. But things tend to get tricky when working on the smaller bits. Whenever I have the shape roughly drawn out, using the smooth brush erases a little too much and I find myself just smoothing the whole thing and trying over and over. Could really use some suggestions or ancient secrets. Thanks

me too i cant even make a correct crease on the mouth. everytime i model the mouth it looks as if the person is pouting.

I think it might just b a matter of practice. Perhaps things come together when doing re-topology. I keep finding models on sketch fab that are animated and look sculpted, so I don’t really know.

Genitals, of course, are usually omitted unless you’re doing CG P0RN or some kind of medical illustration or a Greco-Roman sculpture. They’re under the character’s clothing so detail isn’t useful.