tips for modeling modern jets?

hello all-

i’m trying to low-poly model some fighter jets from operation desert storm for a video game i’m working on. however, it is not turning out so well. i’ve tried tube modeling and cube modeling but neither are working out the way i want them to :no:
do you guys have an advice for modeling low-poly fighter jets? thanks :slight_smile:


This looks good:

wow that looks…awesome O.o that’s an F-16 and it’s mostly tube modeled…


i sugest using background images. This one is just an example and in the end it won’t be low poly, but it should give you an idea.

Very impressive low poly F16 !

@3D Picaso, i am using background images, but i do need the actual mesh to be low poly because it’s going to be used in a game i’m working on. kind of a rock in a hard place.