Tips for Modeling so UV unwrapping is easier?

Hi everyone I am brand new to This looks like a very active community and I hope that eventually I will be able to contribute to it. I started using blender when I was around 14 and just started getting back into it hoping to use it as my main asset creation tool for Unity game engine. I modeled a simple Guard Tower but am having a terribly hard time UV unwrapping it. I’ve been all over the web watching literally hundreds of tutorials on Blender and am learning so so much. I uploaded my model here and if anyone could just take a look at it and let me know what i’ve done wrong in the modeling process to make it so hard to unwrap I would appreciate it so much! And any tips on uv unwrapping would be great! Also if anyone knows of some really good websites/tutorials that deal with using Blender to create game assets/low poly art I would absolutely love to get some good tutorials on that subject specifically. Thank you to anyone who responds to my post I truly hope that this community can be a rewarding one that I can give back to some day.

Link does not work for me.

There’s not a lot about UV unwrapping that is completely easy. It all depends on application. If you are going to paint it in Mari, zbrush, Mudbox, or Blender a general unwrapping that follows the basic rules is all you need because the texture process follows how well you can paint and not how well you can paint along the guidelines of your UVs. It takes the guesswork out.

Blender hosts a pretty flexible texturing platform being able to directly paint on the model. Try that out if you don’t have access to the premiere painting programs that I mentioned above.

Tip 1 - clean up your mesh. Move the edge selected in the image ! A crap input => a crap output

Tip 2 - Break down the object into logical pieces (walls etc) and apply seams to split them off with seams

Tip 3 - For organic objects Angle Based as the unwrapping method is usually best while Conformal sometimes works better with nor hard surface objects. try both to see which gives the best unwrap.

Thank’s so much for your responses I appreciate it!
@bullotsky So using a 3D painting program like Mari or Mudbox eliminates uv unwrapping? I thought Zbrush was just for sculpting can it paint also?

@Richard Could you just elaborate on what you mean by crap input = crap output? Do you mean just a messy mesh = crappy unwrap?

Thanks again for the help guys!