Tips for modeling teeth?

Hi, I’m creating a wyvern, and I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out how to start on the teeth. Here are some views of the head:
Bottom Jaw
Top Jaw

I don’t expect a full tutorial, but if anyone has any ideas for how I can start modeling and attaching his teeth, I’d appreciate it!

well, you could just pop them in there, but tell us how high poly you are willing to get. Is this for a game or for a render?

I’m very, very new to Blender, so I don’t have a good grasp of how many polys is too many yet, but no, this isn’t for a game. My eventual goal for this project is to have it textured and rigged, and the final product will be a few poses and possibly a walk cycle, if I can manage it.

My initial method for doing teeth was to extrude one of the base mouth faces without moving it, scale it down, then extrude the new face, but that’s only really good for one tooth and leaves me with a lot of messy overlapping faces in the process.

I think if you took a slice of the snout from front view it should look roughly like this ( the bean shaped piece in the middle is the tongue )


So, if I extruded some faces as the gums and then maybe modeled the teeth separate from the body, then melded the tooth vertices to the gums, I might get something like that. Thanks for the idea! I’ll give it a shot, and update this thread if I still need help.