Tips for Newbies

Tips for all you elYsiun n00bs… how to get along and not spoil your reputation

  1. Don’t start arguments before you have become a well-established member. It would be nice if no one would start arguments, but when a newbie does it it spoils his reputation.

  2. Don’t post threads in the off topic forum telling us things that you like. This will damage your reputation and possibly start a flame war.

  3. Don’t participate in flamewars until you are a well-established member.

  4. If no one answers your question, you may have to rephrase it. We’re not mind-readers!

  5. Please, please, don’t post spoofs of old threads because you think that doing so would be “funny.” It isn’t, believe me.

  6. Posting the word “trr” worked for Stonesour, but if you try anything similar you’ll be accused of infringing on “trr” or just be told you’re spamming. People won’t laugh. See tip #5.

  7. Cubefan was a user who drove everyone nuts and used the Off Topic board as if it was his personal blog. He was eventually banned after he sent several users annoying email messages. Learn from his mistakes. If someone calls you “Cubefan,” take that as a sign that you’re not posting the right stuff.

  8. For some reason, people get mad if you reply to an old thread. I don’t know why, but it’s true. So don’t do it.

  9. Writing “This Thread Should be a Sticky!!!” never works. Don’t bother. Don’t tease the mods, either. No threads like “THEETH! PLEEAAASSEE delete this thread!” It makes the mods mad, and annoys the rest of us. If you want a thread deleted, there’s a neat little thing called the delete button on your posts.

  10. Please use the search feature before posting your first question. As likely as not it’s already been posted by, one, two, maybe a dozen newbies already.

  11. Don’t criticize other peoples’ artwork if you don’t know what you’re talking about. And don’t just repeat what others have already said. If two people have already posted “the apple on the right is too shiny,” it’s already been pointed out, there’s no need to say it again!

  12. Posts people hate to see: “!!1!!!oneone!!!1! I have reached 100 posts!” “Hurray! I’m now a forum monkey!” “Look at my new avatar. Is it not cool?” “My new sig is really witty, check it out:”

12a. “I am now a Forum Monkey” posts are acceptable ONLY if you make a funny picture revolving around Blender’s included “Suzanne” monkey model. This is often called a “Suzanne Render.”

  1. Theeth reminds you to never, never annoy the mods on purpose.

Non-newbies or newbies with experience feel free to contribute to this thread.

  1. Even if you are an established member please dont start flame wars.

Everyone was a noob once, don’t be mean to them.

Ermm… this is intended to help them get along, so that they won’t end up ruining their reputation or making us hate them.

Just dont to see this go to hell… warn them but no need to rip them a new one :wink:

  1. Don’t start arguments or criticize artwork before posting any of your own.

I hope if I would critizise one’s work with good arguments, even though I haven’t posted my Blends yet, it wouldn’t be a problem.

When it comes to critizise (art)work, I only have good intentions.

Hey, excellent stuff, man! I think these guidelines could help newbies (aren’t we all newbies, in some ways?) come to a better understanding of such a community of Elysiun, and have a much more enjoyable experience.

I found something which I thought might be helpful… I ran across it over in this thread, and I have to say, it summarizes the journey toward becoming a good artist quite well! Not just in the 3d world, either… I’ve been doing 2d artwork for quite a while, and some open source game development… I notice these principles apply there, and probably everywhere else in the artistsic world.

I’m just going to quote JoOngle’s brilliant post verbatim, because I can’t possibly explain it in better terms. Well, here goes, the road to becoming a good artist!

About hundreds and perhaps 1000’s of images, who in the world has 1000’s of images made? I understand 100’s but 1000’s seems over exaggerated. That is unless you point me to a guy who made over 1000 images. And what’s up at the first post is good advice, though 11 cancels out one of them.

Trust me Kansas it really adds up after a while(like he said 5-10 yrs of experience, do the math :slight_smile: and my not be upto a thousand but itll be up there.

Who has thousands of images made? Well, me!
Now, not in Blender… I’m still relatively new to blender. But you should see how many sketchbooks I have, filled and filled with little drawings. Oh, I have no doubt I have produced thousands and thousands of images.
Most of them are doodles… me practicing things. The majority of images I make I won’t show off. Why? Because, first of all, I have far too many… it would take you to sort forever through all the billions of doodles I have. Second, many of them I don’t even really have any interest in going back to, myself. (Unfortunately, a lot of the best of my artwork is on lined paper, doodled into the side of my notebooks. So there just isn’t much I can do with those.)

As for blend files? Oh man… I have like forty images in my ~/gfx/blender/ directory which I wouldn’t show anybody. And a lot of the time, I start a blend file, mess around for a bit, and decide it’s not a project I’m interested in continuing. But I learn from it.

A lot of an artist’s time is spent creating work which will never be shown to the public. @ndy is treated like a god around here, but I’ve chatted with him before. I asked him how everything he makes seems so fantastic, and he’s told me that he already deleted a lot of the really “old ugly pictures” he used to have on his website, and there are quite a few things he’s started working on but just decided not to continue after just a bit of work.

Does thousands of images sound likely? Yeah, I’d say so.

well, that’s dumb.

well, that’s dumb.[/quote]

I think the biggest frustration is that sometimes certain individuals will provide “constructive criticism” without actually knowing what they’re talking about. I don’t see anything wrong with criticizing artwork when you actually notice something worth criticising… but certain individuals… I will not say whom… have a bad habit of echoing common suggestions of others when they don’t have a good grasp of the concept themselves.

So perhaps we should say: Don’t give criticism for criticism’s sake, and don’t give advice if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Who has thousands of images made? Well, me!
Now, not in Blender… I’m still relatively new to blender. But you should see how many sketchbooks I have, filled and filled with little drawings. [/quote]
I thought they meant 3D images? Not general drawings you do with pencil, paint, pastels, ect…

This thread should be a sticky.

  1. No “look at my new avatar” or “I have finally reached 100 posts” posts.

#0. Don’t piss off the moderators/administrators.


That would be true, I know that they are the most powerful people on the board and have the power to ban members. But to not make them peeved off at you you would have to know how to not in the first place like following the other guidelines.

Yeah, that’s generally a good one to remember.
I guess it should be emphasized this thread isn’t one of rules, but guidelines. (Now this one, of course, could act more like a rule than a guideline, since moderators and administrators are, well, moderators and administrators.) As with any guidelines, you should be using them as an aid… but they’re only helpful in so far as you are able to apply to them your own judgement.
For example, if somehow theeth turned into a tyrant of an administrator, deleting any thread which contained an image he didn’t particularly like, then it would be perfectly reasonable to tell him, “theeth, I think you should reconsider the way you’re moderating. Don’t you feel you’re being a bit power-hungry?” There’s the possibility that it would piss him off, but that would probably be the best thing to do in that situation. But from my experiences so far, I’d judge the mods/admins around here to be a fair bunch.

Now that I think about it, this guideline might very well be expanded: don’t go around pissing off members of the community, moderators or not. No matter what the situation, you should be able to share your opinions without being a jerk. To demonstrate:
Good: “Hm. It seems to me that the wings on your dragon could use a bit more work.”
Bad: “What are those things on your dragon supposed to be? Wings?”
In other words, try to be constructive in your comments, not destructive. It’s also a good idea, if you see something that could use work, to give suggestions of what could be done. That is, if you actually have a good idea of what could help.

Oh, and theeth, you didn’t take offense at that tyrannical administrator poke I struck at you, did you? You realized I was just joking, right? Theeth?
bursts into flame

I dont know ive some models out there in which you couldn’t tell is what. (not necicarily wings either) :expressionless:

I love our moderators. They are always right. Everything they do is perfect and their posts bring a ray of golden shimmering radiant happiness into my life. If it weren’t for the moderators, I wouldn’t be alive. I’m going to name my baby after them.

JK :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, our mods do kick ass.