Tips for rigging?

I’m rigging first time and if anybody have tips for elbows and knees(or any other joints) i’ll be appriciated.

Too lazy to post all progress here so you can view it at:

If you need wired, vertexgroups or stuff like that just say.


well here’s one observation/tip.
dunno if I’m right or wrong, but it seems that ik joints deform better if you pre-bend them in the model slightly in the required direction. I’m thinking of elbows and knees here. So starting with a model that has pre-bent knees and elbows seems tome better than straight ones.
Feel free to jump on me for this.

Right you are. Without a prebend, your joints will wobble all over the place. Also, make sure that you do ALL of your setup in edit mode, not pose mode. In other words, get the armatures to match the mesh before you even TOUCH pose mode.



I was able to fix knees a bit, but elbows are killing me.

I was able to fix knees a bit, but elbows are killing me.

In what way? is it having a control setup to ‘place’ them where you want them, or are they wobbling, ‘poping’ or bending the wrong way?
fyi quite a few people prefer to animate legs ik and arms fk, or to animate arms fk except for certain situations (character holding on to something stationary and moving- like a prisoner trying to shake the bars loose- this would need to be ik)
some softwares allow for ik-fk blending- I wonder if you can do that in 2.25? something to check when I get home.

They are wobling, but i hide it by making joints black so it wont show so well :smiley:

Is there simpe way to reset pose?

I know that button, but how i maket thas stay when i free it?

Never mind, found it ALT+R

I just posted a mini-tute for rigging on the q&a board.

Also, if you’re having trouble making a reset stick, it may be because you have some keys set. Always remember to do a “baseline” unkeyed keyframe in posemode so you have quick access to the original bone orientations. One of the cool things about the Actions window is that you can move action keys to the LEFT of frame 1, giving you the ability to store keysframe information (like your base pose) even if you’re not using it in your anim.


I think i rig my cow all over again to make ika’s work(now if i try bones twist 180 degree), but it’s not so bad thing to happen, i’m learning :slight_smile: .

Here is little anim i made with it today.

What do you think

saw your animation (the fly) on the I made this forum. Pretty cool- I’m on linux, btw, and didn’t get any sound. Did the original anim have any?

No there is no sound yet. Just rendered it and i was so happy about it that had to upload it instatly, but i’m working on it.