Tips for texturing a city block?


I’m currently working out a strategy to texture a city I’m modelling.

I decided to go the block, not by the building, to keep texture count down, as the city is going to be fairly large if and when it’s finished. It’s also going to make work much less cluttered.

In a further attempt to limit RAM usage in the final model, I went for streetfronts only (for the time being).

I found the cool unwrap function which seems to be perfect for the job, but here’s the problem:

-how am I going to know which face is which?
I suppose a little trial and error is going to take care of that but if there’s a quick way it’d be helpful, (obvíously!).

-more importantly, how can I tell the size of my faces? It’s easy when you have a single building and yo can say right, it’s 50 by 30 by 100 units and you can model from that. It’s going to be more complicated for a whole block with a lot of differently sized faces. It’s kind of important for me to see how many rows of windows (read: storeys) any given face will get.

Again, I could write down the height and width of each face but that’d be a few hoops to many to jump through.

Possible solutions:

-Maybe there’s some sub function that will allow me to unwrap the whole thing along a straight line instead of making a cluster (if you get my drift??), then I could take the height of the tallest streetfron and crop to that number in Photoshop. The way it is now I couldn’t even tell if a face isn’t upended.

-What exactly does the grid in the UV window say? there isn’t a scale and it gets progressively more detailed as you zoom in, so no way I can see of going by that for scale.

Does anyone have any tips?



UV window is simply an image space where you can relate your polygon to it. There is no given scale. Here is example. I got this image of a building from Internet. I created 3D object roughly to shape using the image as template in background. Next, I loaded the image in UV window, UV unwrapped each side and placed over where each panel needs to be over each elevation view. You need to do this manually. Computer is good at calculating, they don’t think and they can’t decide what do with the image! You need to tell it. Then picture projects where you specified on 3D object.

Now if you look closely image doesn’t contain roof shot. So I simply put my UV roof boundary over gray window. And that surface image was picked right up by the roof face!