Tips for the Young Blender Rigger :-)

Hi guys

I have started posting some quick and simple tutorials/videotutorials on rigging at my site. Let me clarify: this is not a “how to rig a dog” thing is more like a bunch of notes from my working desktop. It’s meant for people starting rigging and facing common problems.

Take a look at (first issue english version)

or (same thing in spanish)

Para los hispanoparlantes: los textos en los videotutoriales estan en ingles… pero son poquitos y fundamentalmente atajos de teclado :slight_smile:

Fix the link in your URL it now have dubble http in it resulting in a 404.

Good tips. Thanks. With that “more to come” I’ve added the site to my bookmarks.

ChevyVanDuden: I don’t see where is the bad link. Where ?
Orinoco: more to come soon :slight_smile:

Hola Malefico, I had fixed the links before you posted.


Oh cool Fligh thank you ! I thought I was already blind !

malefico, thank you so much for the tips about rigging. Please keep them coming. I bookmark your page and would love to see more tips related to rigging. Thank you, frew

I thought about bumping this up just for letting you know I have been updating this section over the past months. You can find all articles posted under “Rigger Tips” in my blog.

I kept posting both in english and spanish. (Rigger Tips, english section) (Same thing, en español !!!)

The “Rigger Tips” are meant for the guy that already started rigging characters and got into trouble. Is not meant as a tutorial list in the sense that I’m not covering/repeating well known solutions to rigging problems you can find in Blender Foundation DVDs or other sources. I just try to give random tips based on my own experiences.:slight_smile:

Anyway, hope it helps.

thanks man …