Tips/Ideas or How to render materials and wireframe at the same time? (2.57 version)

You know the deal. We want to create an effect such like this:

The problem is that all the tutorials I am finding are from early 2003, and one of the most recent doesn’t “convince” us. I want you to tell us if there is no real alternative to just duplicating the model and overlap the copy over the original model. I see this method gives some problems, and on more complex models, this can be too tricky to tweak perfectly, and on a turntable it can result in an awkward experience.

Any ideas onto this subject, guys?

here’s 4 ways of doing it. Option 4 does not require any duplication of your model. If they don’t convince you, export as an obj and use some other software that can render the wireframe.

4 choices are better than just 1 straight path. Thanks for sharing sir.