Tips in how to report a phone call scam? Free 7000 Grant!

Hi all,

I just got a funny call today of a person informing me that the US Grant Department offers me a free 7000 $ grant for free I just have to call a person to arrange a Western Union transfer :wink:

A rather very boring attempt to scam.

However I think things like that should be reported and prosecuted.
Now I looked up this 7k scam and it is active since December 2011.

Of course the numbers dont work anymore just hours later.

But does anybody have a good tip for how to report this scam to agencies such as the FBI or consumer protection in the USA? I am from Germany and thus not very familiar with how things are run here in the USA.

I’m glad you didn’t get fooled, Claas. Unfortunately law enforcement generally won’t get involved unless an actual crime has been committed (ie, money changed hands).

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to report it to your state Attorney General’s office. They usually have a consumer fraud division and are all about awareness.

At the Federal level, FBI has a small but growing cybercrime unit. Contact them at

Finally, the site is a great place to post your story. It’s completely exposed to search engines so other potential victims can check up if they get a similar call.


thanks for the tips - I will follow up on that and see what I could contribute.

direct link to FBI is

best thing is to send a written letter to your Attorney General they’re always looked at more seriously than an email. Can also report the number itself to

Btw I would sign up to Do Not Call registry if you don’t like telemarketing calls, not sure if you guys have that in Germany