Tips on animating intro

ok, so I’m making an animation for a friend and what I want to happen is the text folds up then a sword cuts it in half and blood flys out

I have no idea where to start or how to do this. I have the text that I like and the Sword I like but they are in diffrent blender files is there a way I can copy and paste the sword in to the file with the text

If you would be wiling to teach me Add my skype: KeyEpic

If you can answer any of my questions or can give me tips please leave a comment

Thanks in advance!

I don’t skype, but I can tell you that you can use File-Append to import your sword into your text .blend, and go from there.

can you explain the process in detail of file append

Up on the header on top where you would press File, then in the drop menu you will see the option to Append(Shift F1) and then the dialog opens to allow you to choose what file you want to append - use the dialog to find your other blendfile, and then it will give you options to choose what to append - select Object, and there choose your sword, and confirm. It should then show up in your file you are working in.

how do I move it with its textures ? It just shows up blank

nevermind i got it