Tips on developing for Blender?

I had no clue where to ask this so guess this place is as good as any. I am interested in developing for Blender and curious what kind of environment do current devs have setup. I know a lot will have to do with personal preferences, but any choices that really suit towards working with Blender? I am going to try Anjuta and Kdevelop out. Any other advice you have I’d be glad to hear as well.

Some links from
Get Involved
New Dev Wiki Page

The new dev wiki page talks about installing tools, but there’s no really specific information regarding to linux. Two of the best programmers I know (personally) use gedit a lot. That’s also what I used when I worked for them. Most of our stuff was <2k lines of code, so that doesn’t compare with Blender.

Thanks for the reply. I read through most of those links. I’ve used gedit before - mainly for editing config files. I like it but wasn’t sure how well suited it was for major development. I found a cheat sheet for C which seems like it is the best resource to get me back into programming.

most of us use either GCC on a linux variant with whatever our preferred editor is and Make/CMake/Scons, or MSVC with Scons/CMake/MSVC build files, or GCC on OS X, I think some use CMake on OS X and some Scons, and probably few users using make.


Thanks for the reply. I will have to play around with some editors to see which ones I like. Here is the link to that cheat sheet I mentioned if anyone is interested.

Any documentation on how 2.5 is structured?