Tips on Door-to-Door Salesman

I’ve gotten my first ‘real’ job because I was way too lazy to do it before, so now this is where I am. I could have easily applied for an hourly paid job where I don’t need to rely on commission to make money. The reason I chose this one is because I find it satisfying to make money off what I sell people instead of how long I’ve been working. Not to mention I like challenges! haha

I understand that everyone hates door to door salesman, and I have done research on the basics.

  • Always smile, always keep eye contact
  • Make sure to know your product
  • Make sure you are wearing proper attire
  • Brief, friendly and not pushy

Those are in no particular order.

What I’m trying to find out now is how I can make a really good first impression, right off the bat.

What kind of people would you open a door to? What kind of people would you even consider what they are saying?

I am selling newspaper subscriptions for very low. Monday - Friday free, and you get tons of bonuses. You only have to pay a small amount for weekends.

How can I make this appealing if possible? How can I get people to give in and subscribe?

I have done research, I just thought it would benefit me more if I asked a large community!

Thank you,