Tips on making a Make Human model's head more anime like?

Okay. (Wow it’s been forever since I’ve been on this site. xD) So, being kind of lazy here, I had a plan to make an anime base model from Make Human… Instead of from scratch…

I can’t seem to edit the head/face in a way that looks like an anime style. It just looks weird and scary and not even close to was I thought it would be. I tried finding reference images online and such, using it as a background thing and moving the verities accordingly. I also tried winging it once… That didn’t work. xD

I’m not really sure what to do…? Any ideas or tips?

So I scrapped the model and started over. This time I got it to look less like an alien. xD
I think all I need to do now is to re stylize the eyes, nose, and mouth. To make them more anime like… Somehow.

Try this:

And initiate an anime model!

Hope this helps.

You have to take into consideration on the differences between the eyes of normal human eyes and that from anime characters. That and the shape of the heads. Of course and understanding of topology would beneficial.

Like big big BIG eyes! And big, shiny pupils!
And the pupils might not even be circular.

Small, triangular-like nose, that is barely visible when facing the character head-on.

Pointy chin!

The eyelashes, too! They’re not really strands of hair, but more like a smooth mesh.
Unless it’s like a few eyelashes for that comical effect?

As for colour? Here’s a good example:

^Again, it’s not modeling, but it makes anime look like anime. I gotta improve my own colouring / lighting skills.

But I can only comment on what anime looks like; I wouldn’t know how to model it.