Tips on making Trees?

I have always had trouble with trees… i can’t model them well… or even draw them well… or… plant them well for that matter.

I made a circle, exctruded it and bent it and gave it simple textures and put a bunch of transparent images of branches all over the place… but… somehow i just feel like i’m missing something here.

I’m hoping to use the trees for animation and i was wondering if any of you just had some tips on how to make animation ready trees.

Thankyou (:

You can enable three tree Addons.And the next thing is using particle system on it.Its has long story so i can explain it all.But i would suggest looking for some tutorial about it with topic of “making tree by means of particle” or st like this. I am pretty sure that there is lots of video about it.
Good luck :eyebrowlift: