Tips on modeling good looking wires/tubes

I’m making a scene with alot of wires, tubes and pipes and stuff. I want them to have a consistent diameter like a normal pipe or wire, but when i try and put a corner or a bend in them the diameter descreases along the bend because of the way it’s subsurfed (I’m using a cube that gets extruded and extruded into shape). The only way i can get it to look good is to extrude and rotate a little about 10 times for one bend.

Surely there must be other ways? Anyone got any tips or links to tutorials that might help?

Cheers in advance.

BeVoB on a curve.

Just extrude with a circle instead of subsurf…

Also don’t forget “Spin” it is way more useful than just for creating an object from a profile, it works excellent for putting a “bend” in a mesh.

Then you can do those 10 extrusions with one click and it will be perfectly neat and aligned…

Thanks guys, both methods are working well.