Tips on modeling


I’m trying to model the 4 tiny points around the middle button. But whatever I do I always mess up the shape of the middle hole when I add edge loops. Anyone have any idea how I should approach this?

Also, what would be the best way to get the characters on the buttons> Model it (shrink wrap mod) or texturing it?

Thanks in advance!!



RaboReader7.blend (333 KB)

First thing I see wrong is that you have doubles in your mesh (vertices that coexist in the same spot) I assume you created these to control subsurf, you should make loops that come close to the other but don’t touch. I would texture the buttons, UV unwrap them. I would probably just add tiny spheres to make the 4 points, they don’t have to be connected just shove them through the mesh. :confused: someone may have better advice though :frowning:

Good job getting the shape right!

Noobie, thanks for your advise!
Just added the spheres. Should’ve thought of that myself but I guess I was too fixed on modeling them into the mesh that I didn’t think of the easy way!

Will also try texturing the characters on the buttons via UV unwrapping. Haven’t really done this before (except for some tutorials) so i’ll have to dive into this.

One question: Why is it wrong to have 2 edge loops touch?

It’s not wrong, per se, but it can confuse blender to have two seperate points occupying the same space, it can make it difficult for blender to calculate which way the edge between them is facing. Although, I wouldn’t worry about it TOO much, because blender is very good at estimating, but just remember that you modelled it that way, so you don’t misalign any of the doubled vertices.