Tips on proper close up shots?

So I have a few ideas for super duper detailed close up shots of some simple stuff. I don’t worry about the materials on the objects but for the floor, I worry much. I want the floor for one shot to be a simple tile texture and for the other shot, I want the floor to be either a metal texture or wood texture. I started with the metal and the largest free texture I could find is only around 5k by 5k. That is still too small. I could work on an acceptable procedural texture for hours but no one wants to do that. Solutions?

Well, extreme macro close-up shots would mean very shallow depth of field, no? So you could tile that high-res texture and have the unsharp areas “hide” the seams/tiling.

If I tile the texture, it will give a wrong perception of scale. The first shot has objects that are only an eighth of an inch tall. The depth of field helps with the small illusion but if I tile the texture, the image will look off. And, if I don’t tile the texture, it pixelates or distorts.