Tips on Semi-Realistic Animation Project

Hey everyone, I’ve been working “a bit” with Blender’s non-real-time part and this is what I came up with:
[post-preocessing: blur]
[post-preocessing: blur]

You like it? These are for a flash animation (don’t be mad at me, Blender animation is EXCELLENT, but it takes much more time to make an anim in Blender…) Which I plan to use to boast some of my 3d skills with the less experienced ;), and to promote our little proggie amongst the Flash-junkies… damn, anyone who can afford Flash definitively can afford Blender :wink: (even those who conduct illegal activities :-? ).

Anyway, any comment on those renders? I need some advise with the next shots too:

See, the anim starts in a hotel, and I need to find to right elements to make up the hotel corridor, what do I mean?
First, does it look somewhat real or at least anime-ish (that would be my ideal standard).
Second, I don’t usually go to hotels, so… if I add a couple of plants here and there, would the place look “believable”? I am not too sure about the floor nor of the roof too.

Any comments would be GREATLY appreciated.

What kind of hotel are you aiming for? most hotels (that I’ve been to) have patterned wall paper, but not all. I’ve seen lots of different hotels, but most of them don’t have such dull drab colour schemes. but then again, maybe you’re going for a mood here.

as for “anime-ish”, it doesn’t look like it to me, but I am not really into anime so it’s hard to tell. I like the lighting effect in the bedroom.

the patterned wall paper can be acheive by getting a pic of a flowery wall paper and putting it on in orco mode. i noticed the fuzzy tv. U know u can animate the static right? use the noise procedural. its a semi-animated Procedural.

Thanx for the tips, I’ve been working a bit on what you said (still looking for some convincing pattern…) but as soon as I get those little details worked out, I’ll post some new images.

I know it’s far from Anime-ish… maybe I should just pass it though Photopaint to make it look “painted”… maybe that’ll make the trick…

  • Thanx (any more C&C would still be appreciated)

From my experience, blender is much faster to animate in. Especially if you plan on showing off 3d work. I’m kind of interested to see exactly what the finished project might look like.
As for the pictures, try adding a little bit of trim to where the floor hits the walls, or where the ceiling hit’s the walls.