Tips on Texturing Jeans?

Hello everyone (:

Lately i’ve been trying to increase my knowledge of how to texture objects.

I’ve learned a little bit about Bump maps, Displacement maps, and normal maps. However the only one i know how to use is normal maps by turning on the ‘normal’ function in the texture menu.
I sculpted a shirt and some jeans for a model i created a while back. I’m not sure how well of a job i did on that as my sculpting skills are lacking some aswell.

I’ve heard that you can take a sculpt and bake the textures into some kind of texture map to apply to a base mesh like a duplicate of the mesh you started with before sculpting. I sculpted with a Multi Resolution modified by the way.

And then aside from that, i’ve found a texture of the fabric on jeans and mapped it so that it’s repeating several times. I’ve tried leaving Color and normal on, and also just tried with just the normals on but something still seems off and i can’t quite place my finger on what it’s missing.
I know one thing i’m unsure about is the zipper region, when i made that section it seemed pretty prominent where the fold over the fabric was, but after adding this texture it’s like all the details modeled and sculpted in became harder to see.

(i haven’t made shoes yet either so that’s why he has no feet)

anyway. if anyone has any tips i would greatly appreciate it ^-^
thank you (:

You are mixing stuff. There are various approaches to your requirement.

First is (The difficult One) is to

Sculpt your model (With MultiRes, you can sculpt on higher subdivisions and bake the details on normal map directly) with details and utse them as your base texture/material. You’ll need to utilize nodes or work more with the materials.

another approach is to unwrap your model, and create the Textures in Ps/Gimp. use the same software to create bump/normal/spec maps and use the corresponding check boxes of your model material.

Another is to moderately design your model (medium poly, with proper silhouette) , Unwrap your model, Download some high res jeans texture from net and use Blender Texture Paint to directly paint the textures in 3d View.

All approaches are easily searchable on forum.