Tips to achieve this shape

I apologize if this is a crazy simple solution. I’m just starting out in blender and still learning the tools and whatnot. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to achieve this:

The curve of the edge at the bottom of the plane mesh. My first thought was to do these manually with subdivisions and some smoothing…but is there an easier solution? I thought perhaps it could do something with a bezier tool (I’m still getting the hang of that). Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the reply! I understand your steps for tracing an already established object path. I guess I had hoped there was a way to achieve shapes like this via a tool or modifiers without tracing another image…such as the “bezel” option which manipulates meshes to get a certain look.

Or the question wasn’t clear enough. I just held on to what seemed most familiar part of it, tracing things with Bezier curves. If you already have the mesh and not trying to (re)create the whole thing, would need more specific explanation of what you’re after.

If it’s about just changing the shape of the geometry below the selection, could do that with shear tool and using proportional editing (connected or 2D mode). The hard edges seem to be rounded already, at least there is a face indicator on each, suggesting it’s already beveled.