Tips to get started

Good morning to all,

I’m new on this forum and i would to learn the 3d modelling.
I’ve tried to modelling a sword to get started and i got good results with a easy model (I’ve not created the textures and the material because I can’t do this).
But I’ve stopped myself when I’ve tried to modelling a model more complicated. I need more training and I need to read more tutorials on Blender.
So, does anyone know some tutorials for beginners like me?
If there are also included the bases for the texturing, rigging and the materials would be great!

Thanks for the help and sorry for my bad english! I’m italian…

Welcome Hank. Personally, I recommend studying all the tutorials (video ones) here:

After having read and played with those, you will be in a much better place.


I’d recommend the almighty blendercookie

some of the best ones i found were on youtube, so you can see exactly what the person is doing. There are some really great ones on there.

Thank guys! I’ll see these tutorials!

PS: Sorry for the wrong section!

Oh gosh … I never knew Blender Cookie has an intro set of tutorials. I haven’t seen those yet but if they are even a fraction of the quality of the other Blender Cookie tutorials on detailed topics, these may make the top of my “new study” materials. Thanks for posting FreeMind.