Tips to making textures.

Do you have tips to making textures?

I look around the net and see some tutorials, but many of them are just not really any good, unless you know how to use GIMP or Photoshop or PSP.

Do you have any tips that I could use?

Try GIMP’s make seamless filter first. If that doesn’t work, undo it and do it by hand by copying one side, flipping it, and moving it to the other side. Do this for the top and bottom, making sure the copy blends nicely into the rest. Use the dodge-burn tool to to try to equalize the dark and light parts.

Use photographs whenever possible.

If your serious about learning how to make great textures your going to have to pick one of these programs and stick to it. Read through the boring instructions on its use. I know its sometimes a bit tedious, though as soon as thats out of the way you can start having fun. :slight_smile:

I know this because I’ve been using The GIMP for only 2 months now, and its great looking back at how much more I know now. <off-topic>Its a pity I got a full time job now though and can’t really use it as much as I’d like. :slight_smile: </off-topic>

I’m not talking about learning every little widget and tool in the whole program, it takes a remarkably small amount of time to get to grips with 20% of the tools you’ll need to use 80% of the time.

Like PlantPerson said, use photos, and if photos arn’t avaiable at least use reference pictures as a base for modifying the texture to your liking. I bought the New Riders book “Digital Texturing & Painting” and its been an amazing help, not just in making textures, but in putting me into the right frame of mind for it.

Hope that rant helped a bit. :slight_smile: