100% Blender without using other software


were the bump maps and textures sculpted?

the bump map and textures were painted on the PBR build
The rest is sculpted on dyntopo and multires

the wip https://blenderartists.org/forum/sho...ranowarg/page2
the full wip (french) http://blenderlounge.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1653

Impressive, awesome work! :slight_smile:

Yay, that is great! ^^

The creature work is amazing (some of the best I’ve seen in the forum in recent months), I can tell a lot of effort went into the materials.

However, the environment seems to be a bit on the low-poly side, I would look at applying some detailed displacement if possible.


Yes environnement is just sculpt
but I do not know where you see the low poly

even texturing? :o u hand painted it in blender?

For the environement ? No just a sculpt with two textures mix with the z position.
Other items are paint on Blender (build PBR)

A lot of work. Great!

Great work! Impressive…

Great work! Is this a fan art of WOW:D

great work, very nice!

Nice work!

Nicely done!

No it’s not a fan art of WOW^^
Tolkien only