tire and rim

Here is my first tire and rim :slight_smile: its sort of low polly, but i didnt just throw it together like i did with my low polly car. The brakes look like they have a ton of ridges on them, but is there anything i should do to improve them?


ANY ideas?

It looks ok.
It just seems to a very basic design, thats all. All you have seemed to do is use β€˜ALT-M’ to merge the vertices to the center. Try making a more elaborate (<---- Spelling?) β€˜rim’.
Remember, Blender is a tool, the medium between your creativness (<------ Spelling?) and your final result.
Keep at it.

thanks, but that i did was use a circle and extrued it till it was solid, sub divid it and delete some faces for the spokes :smiley: kind of simple actully