tire marks


im making a car game and i was wondering if anyone new how to make tire marks when i skid or something?


Well, the way i would do it is create a Tire skid texture with an alpha (transparent) background.
Then just do an add object for a plane with that texture on…it won’t be perfect but it could work. :slight_smile:

I may just try and make one and test if my theory works. Ill get back to ya’
Although i’m sure other people will have better solutions.


Ya, exactly what Radmanlive said, you should use textures for skid marks. You have to stay as low poly as possible if you make a big car game. If it was a mini game you could consider doing real impressions, but I would use textures. I am not sure how you would make it stay in the right spot thogh.

thats all i need to know really
(skid in the right place and time)
i can’t seem to make the texture though, im not very good at it.