Tire Problem

Heyos… I think this goes here =/

Anyway, I’m doing the Noob to Pro tutorial, and am on the Tire section for the jeep (The first part of the jeep).

The image on the wikibook looks clear and good and all that, but for me it seems some faces are overlapping or something, causing an odd look on the side of the tire.

Is there any easy way to fix this? I’m using Blender 2.45, and followed the tutorial the best I could (They’re getting vague at this point. thats the only problem with my tire though)

In my picture I’ve cropped it to just about a 5th or 6th of the tire, for size convenience, and circled one of the problem areas in red.


I just modeled the tire in a different way… I think the method tat tutorial uses in modeling is not very good… I’ll try to dig up the link to the tutorial that i followed

otays, thankies much :slight_smile:

It seems when I appended it to the jeep it may not have that problem… can’t tell yet, I need to look closer at the tires…

http://www.danielbuck.net/index.php?..tut_2/tiretut2 check this out… it describes how to make a tyre tread… if you have any problems contact me
(send a personal message)

but thats of… you can use the spin dup toll to duplicate the tread around the tyre…

contact me…

Thankies a bunch :slight_smile: checking that out!