Tire rigging (need help please)

Hey Blenderheads.

I have some problem with tyre rigging. I want to rig it with bones. I got a problem. Trasformation constrain rotates the bone correctly on one axis movement but when i rotate bones 90 degree in Z axis the transform does notrotate the bone at all.

BUT! If i rig it the same way with object transformation constraint it works. Could anyone help me with this tire rigging. So the Bone rigging the tire works correctly and rotates the wheel in all Z directions properly.

I have included both examples of the rig in the blend. If you grab the box drive it back and forth in all Z directions it works!
When you grab the parent bone and try the same with the bone rig it does not work in all Z directions.



Thanks in advance!


Tire rigging.blend (460 KB)