Tire Tutorial

I’ve noticed as of late that there hasn’t really been a good tire tutorial out there in the blender universe. Sure there’s the “sip dup” method but I thought there had to be a better way. So after experimenting around a little I’ve found a 100% foolproof way to model good looking tires. So I’ve tried my hand at writing a tutorial on it so the rest of the blender nation can see how to make tires.

Download Link
Let me know what you all think! :smiley:

Hey that’s cool… sc_modeler thanks a lot for sharing…

there was one on the new blenderart mag just released but thnx

Thanks, just what the doctor ordered for the F1 comp.

Thanks for the positive replys guys! :slight_smile:
I’m aware of the tutorial in the blenderart magazine. It came out about 2 days after I first submited this one. >.<
One more thing. Here’s a more permanent link to the tutorial. (the link above will self destruct after no dls for 30 days.)

New Download Link

I’ve edited the post above as well to have the new dl link.

Hi SC. I was doing tires too and spindup doesn’t work for me either, only I figured it would take me just as much time to struggle with the curve modifier and to make a script to do the same thing, but exactly.

I was not planning on releasing it because it assumes everything is aligned in a particular way, but I read your tutorial and thought you might want to take a look:

Just go to the text editor and press alt+p.

It doesn’t remove doubles.

Really Awesome!

Looks good but you might want to add a real render (with good lighting) so readers can clearly see the end results. Thanks for sharing!

nice idea. would work especially well if you aren’t worried about the vertex count in your scene getting too large.

uuugh all three links are down :frowning:
can u reupload?

u r really a lateral thinker…thinking of alternative ways of doing things…u r script was just gr8. but me being a noob…allow a few questions: how can the scripts be saved…i.e which parts of the text should go into the scripts and bpydata/bpymodules? also…can u think of a way to increase the thickness or something else?

I’d be interested to see this myself. I wonder if you’re using the curve modifier or SHIFT-W method. if the latter, you guys can find a brief description of what to do a little way down my page here http://pedalfist.googlepages.com/cartutorial

Thats kind of old, but the method is solid, and I’ve used it to create better stuff since, like this


Awesome tire!!! I’ll give that a shot

the link wont work anymore

Sometimes I wish that blender had the same functionalities that 3Ds Max has. So I could simply bevel the faces and Voilá.
Isn’t there a similar way in blender? I just know extrusion for now (and doesn’t work for this matter). Am I missing something here?

By the way. Though I find the traitor method a little patience consuming (well… I didn’t try it), I have to admit and congratulate the fact that it is really good. If there’s no other way…
As we say in my language: Who doesn’t have a dog, hunts with a cat. :ba: hehe

can you pls upload them again?

all the links are broken please r upload in a better web site like rapidshare pleaz

Please fix broken links.

1st download link is fixed. Sorry for not fixing it earlier. Didn’t know anyone still used this. :S

I’ll fix the 2nd one when I get home.

Shame these links aren’t working, this looked like it could have been a good tutorial :frowning: