Tire with rim

I’m new to blender and this is my FIRST actual modeling project… Could someone please give me some reviews on this? And if you find something wrong and have suggestions on how to improve it can you please tell me?


It looks pretty good. Especially for your fist model.

The tire edges need to be rounded though.

have you seen this tutorial?


I’m pretty new to blender also and I managed to make a fairly descent looking tire w/ that tut.

actually I did check out that tutorial… just forgot to round the edges… great pointer

Hers my tire i made. Its not too good.

Was my first try using that tut and my rim sucks.


actually the DESIGN of your rim isn’t too bad… But you should change the material…( I’m not saying my rim is good… he he) to something a little more reflective and maybe change the colour to something like a bright blue… other than that your tread is better than mine

we should work together and try to figure out how to make the lettering on the sidewalls.

… I’ll post a reply as soon as I figure out how

i think the lettering or logos could be modeled separately and then placed near the side walls…then joined to the tyre by pressing Ctrl+J… then A different material should be assigned to the faces making up the lettering … that should give a good result
Could you also tell me how you duplicated the tire tread to fit around the actual tyre?

think the tutorial you showed me earlier gives instructions for 3D MAX… did you use the “spin dup” tool in blender like I did?

i did that tut weeks ago…but i think i copied it out striaigt 62 times.
then did a wrap 369.3 degrees(as the tut saysfor the degrees) which got it really close then i could remove doubles.


not much better… when i crank up the ray mirror it really looks bad.

not sure how to make materials look like chrome.

once i did make this raised white lettering using a mesh then wraping it. Its not a part of the tire just sets in.


was wanting to make lettering like this tire though…i think it uses bump maps or displacment…i tried once but it came out bumping the edge of my bumpimage.

for chrome, give a dark grey material high hard spec and put ray mirror on about 70

the tire looks good, and the rim isn’t that bad either…try adding a sky texture or something for the chrome material to reflect.

ok thanks, i’ll try and post it later.

i think i’ll just use a cube to experiment or some other simple object…my tread has so many verts takes too long to render.

oh you just put up another post… try learning the basics of UV mapping and then bump mapping it. btw, what do you mean with

i tried once but it came out bumping the edge of my bumpimage.

i posted this once a while back…I learned that it was an issue w/ photoshop 7. I used gimp and it didnt do it.

i’ll try to find the post i made previous…

edit: here is post…


i gave up on it at the time cause i was getting aggrivated tying to figure out how to use gimp…i’m so use to ps7