Tired Of Blender

has anyone ever got tired of blender. (Don’t get me wrong i love working with blender). well i am tired of blender. here is why everything that i do in blender never comes out the way that i want it to and nothing i do is as good as i want it to be. i look at the thing that @ndy does or hanzo or everyone else does and my stuff looks so crappy no matter what i do. i am just uninspired at the moment and i just want to vent my frustrations with blender. does anyone out there feel this way.

My advice,…quit beating your head against the wall,…take a break. When you come back to it you may find that things are clicking more readily. Blender is alot to absorb. Give yourself a chance. :wink: Just as an example, I lived for a time in Germany. I spoke the language reasonably well while there, and when I returned to the US i spoke it no more, as I had no occasion to. Ten years later I returned to Germany, thinking ‘oh crap, how am I going to get by,…I can’t speak the language anymore.’ Well, it turns out I could not only still speak it, but had actually improved. Nearly all of the people I had known from ten years earlier commented on the dramatic improvement. (?) I guess the time spent away just gave my brain ample time to process all the input.

My advice,…quit beating your head against the wall,…take a break. When you come back to it you may find that things are clicking more readily. Blender is alot to absorb. Give yourself a chance

you would think after about 4 years of working with blender i would not need to beat my head against the wall. is my stuff better than when i started yes but it is still not as good as i want it i use blender almost every day. but i think you are right about taking a break.

My advice: Stop trying to make a human on the first try.

Semi-Serious Advice: Try modeling a sphere or a cube. Those always look good.

Serious Advice: Start with something simple, like a simple room with nothing in it.

Dude, and that came from CubeFan!..
No offence meant cube…

You should really do as he says, don’t try to extract the contents of yer funky imagination into Blender, kuz there’s no “Convert Mental Images into Meshes” button under the edit buttons… no no no…
you have to work work and work your ass off… until Blender becomes your extension… and it behaves just the way you want it to… bekuz you know it better than your own self… (maybe this is a bit exagerated)

But seriously, don’t get frustrated bekuz things don’t go as expected (imagine if our great master BlenderHeads gave up on their first months of Blender… :-? )

anwyays… just… just… err…
alright parter… keep on blending baby… you know what time it is

I get sick of pretty much of anything if I do too much of it.

Obviously, there should be! :smiley:

Next release?

Hey lbzd210,

I Agree 100% with Fred_Pyos Post. And Give CubeFan973s Advice a try. :slight_smile:

*abit PERSONAL :wink:

i agree too. my fortay is mechanical modeling but all ive been trying is organic and i have improved but the result was very few average pictures.

now ive gone back to mechanical just so i can get some images in the gallery and ive really suprised myself (look in the wip section for my alarm clock).

you could try to go back and finish some of your blends that always chears me up :).

or take a break which i have done many a time i think my longest break was over 6 months.

Yah, sometimes taking a break is the best you can do.
(I can’t belive 4 people answered YES to this poll… :frowning: it hurts my guts…)

man…that is exactly the wrong way to think…

I mean…on my side when I look at some incredible pics…it can be from @ndy or anyone else over any 3d forums…it don’t depress me…it help me improving my skills cause I say to myself: How did he make that? I’ll try…and I make test and I pratice and I get better that way…when I tsee some pro arts it encourage me at getting better because if one day I want a small place in the 3d industry I need to be very good and hopefully (I’m dreaming) one of the best lol…anyway I hope you understand what I mean…

And changing to another prog won’t make you better…just try another prog and you’ll see that blender is great :wink: