Tired of putting that Halo cd in?

Tired of putting the Halo cd in each time you want to play Halo? Well do it no more! Download Alcohol 120% and save the cd image then mount it on a virtual drive! Voila! no more cd needed to play 8)

sweet! will this work for any game?

lol guys… a virtual cdrom progy exists… like… for… well… :slight_smile: 4 years?

it might have existed for a while but for those of us who have a life outside of the computer we might not have discovered it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes I think it will work for any game. very good for “backing up” games.

But seriously I think it is very usefull becuz my Halo CD is so scratched I was scared it was gonna stop working. Now, no worries :smiley:

jsut get a disc buffer like DiscDoctor ® gets riod of 90% of scratches on CD’s and DVDs


haha, i don’t think you get the point. I don’t want to keep putting in and taking out different discs when I don’t have to. Plus it gives the drive motor a rest so it will last longer (one of my other ones broke cuz of too much use)

on the down side it takes up 6-700 megs of your hard disc and causes swap protocol which slows down your computer since you most likely don’t have enought ram to runt eh disc and the program


which is why so many people download cracked executables

however, the rules of this forum don’t really allow me to say where you could find some for halo [or talk about other software piracy]

actually doesn’t slow the game down at all :smiley:
yeah about them executables they haven’t got one for the latest patch yet but email me to learn more

z3r0 d, do you know site with a whole bunch of these for a bunch of different games? If so could you PM me them please? If not i can probably find 'em on the net. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well then i seriously feel sorry for your processor to have to handle that sort of load.

plus i’ve tried these sort of virtual CD’s and i’v enoticed a 5-10 fps difference in most games when using one aswell as my harddrive being a gig fuller then before so i prefer to change discs and save my computer.

and like zeroD i’m not a software pirate so no talking about cracked exe’s


Some games I had with cds installed the whole game onto my hard drive anyway but the cd was required for verifying legality. It bugged me too because both my cd drive and hard drive were being used.

Using virtual drives is one way but some people write no_cd patches so that you can play the game without the cd and the patch is usually very small. They’re not available for all games but it saves space for some and if you own the games, it’s perfectly legal. I don’t play games with my computer any more - I just use my PS2. Separating work and play was one of the best things I’ve done.

some games will detect if you have any of these virtual disks or the copying programs installed and not run at all, even if you are not using it for that particular game.

the best think is just to use cracks for the games, They are small, and simple, and most of them works perfect.