Tired of Windows

Im system restoring my other machine right now.

I am damn tired to windows and its susceptibility to viruses, adware, spyware, malware, etc.

Any recommendations on anything else.

Something opensource i can pull off the net or something?

Im rather noobish to coding so keep that in mind.

Also how would i go about creating a seperate partition for windows and one for the other.

Please, save me from consumer electronics and corporate monopoly.

Thanks in advance.

why not go with ubuntu linux?? u can dl the live cd from their website and just run it form cd, before you instal you can see how it works (the click instal on disk from the desctop menu)

its fairly easy to use but your computer may not be competible with it… such as if u have an ATI graphic card (thats what i heard at least and it doesnt work on my other pc with an ati card)

I tried to get a linux distro once but found the host sites EXTREMELY confusing.

[I’m behind a filter (cybersitter) so I don’t think I can use torrents.]

I wanted to get a Live CD version but, like I said, the linux sites where extremely confusing to navigate IMO.

Also, one reason I gave up is even with my cable internet connection (now DSL), the downlaod times were HUGE!!

EDIT: It just finished downloading…that was quick…hmmmmmmm.

Now what do I do?

Is there a better way to do this?

I would love to try a linux distro, and I would prefer a Live CD since I just want to try it…not totally switch.



Well I did a quick search, and found these sites… They have a list of different OS’s

This one looks the best:
There are a lot here that are opensource… but some are for non commercial use… So I do not know what that means for an OS but wanted to tell you… I found this one at the link above: http://meos.sourceforge.net/ to be the most interesting to me… because then you could run almost anything on one OS… This one also looks kind of interesting…:http://www.menuetos.net/

This one is good too as another list…:

Hope that helps.


Ubuntu looks interesting. Ive heard it around and seems to be good. So i can run it from a cd and still have windows on my machine?

any opinions on what power 3d posted.

I just read somewhere the new version seems to be the best linux distro ever! One reason I’m interested…

Power3d: I was thinking something more Ubuntu specific…that site doesn’t even have Ubuntu in it’s dropdown list :frowning:

Well the first link I gave has Ubuntu…

You can order cd’s for free. Takes a couple of weeks to get to you, but the price is right!
https://shipit.kubuntu.org/ (ubuntu with kde interface)
There is also a link for free ubuntu cd’s

The cd’s work as live or installation software

The forums are quite helpful for questions.

Well this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_linux has a lot of links and info on ubuntu… I don’t know if that helps…

So is a linux/ubuntu os better than windows?.. what is different…

I have only really used windows myself, but hope to try/get others in the future…

hi headcheese,
maybe you can try http://www.vmware.com (the free vmplayer) or the trial vm workstation

it is not OS, but a software that let you run/install/test virtual OS within your host pc.

so you can try lots of “free/opensource” OS before you decide which one you want to switch totally.

I thought you would use FDISK to create partition… but for having different OS’s… I don’t know… have not done that before…

Also there are other emulators at the first link I gave…

This also looks interesting… still from my first link… http://www.qnx.com/

I’m running ubuntu dapper with no problems what so ever.

You can run it directly from the CD, but only for testing/demo purposes (to see if you like it).

If you find that you like it, there will be an install icon on the desktop that will guide you through the installation process.

The tools to make the necessary partitions for linux will be presented to you as a step of the installation, so it’s not something that you necessarily have to do prior to starting the installation process itself.

Linux requires 2 partitions, one for the file system (ext3) and a swap partition. You may also want to make a seperate FAT partition to easily transfer files between windows and linux (because windows can’t read ext3, but linux can read anything, so making a fat partition will make files residing there available to both operating systems).


While linux is a truly astounding achievement of the Open Source movement, “IT IS NOT WINDOWS”, and it was not made to (nor will it) be the same thing as (or even all that similar to) windows.

You will need to “LEARN” how to use linux, in order to get the most out of it. Also, a lot of things that you are used to having naturally run in windows won’t run on linux or will be much more difficult to set up. (Most games and the latest flash player for example)

That said, linux is more of a computer enthusiast/programmers kind of OS. It’s for the people who want to be “IN COMPLETE CONTROLL” of their system, and who (more importantly) have the skills to carry out those wants.

Ubuntu is one of the user friendliest linux distros around, but it’s still linux. So if you are not that “computer savvy” or if you don’t have the time to learn a new OS, your probably much better off patching up windows and sticking with what you know.

Ahh yes…I know there’s something about running programs from prompts or something?

In other words, linux in general is less GUI oriented?

BTW, if someone were to take the linux kernel and make another OS, would it they be in danger of copyrigth infringment if they made a Star Trek OS? :smiley:

Also, RedHat/Fedora Core seems to be a commercial linux…isn’t there any way of getting that free?



i know the thing just for you! you need linux ubuntu! i use it. everything runs smooth as water and it comes with blender. its totally free and you can send for a free cd no charge! go to www.ubuntu.com!

Are you talking to me or Headchese?:confused:

Yeah, I just sent for a cd. w00t.

I don’t know if I would say it like that, but you’ll definitelly have to get involved with the BASH from time to time.

Im not sure. From raw source code maybe, but that’s a guess.

Really, most people need nothing more than ubuntu (which holds the number 1 spot on distrowatch btw).

Ubuntu is just a rocket shooting straight up, can’t go wrong with it IMO.

Ubuntu is an excellent distro to start up on Linux. And all the general things can be done easily.

You do not require to use the Terminal/Konsole, to get the machine running. As setting up printers, scanners, graphic cards, can all be done through GUI’s.

However some people prefer using the Terminal/Konsole to get things done quickly. For example if you want to install Blender in ubuntu and found a tutorial on the internet to do so. It is easier for the tutorial to say type this in your Terminal/Konsole. “sudo apt-get install Blender-2.42”. Than it is to tell you how to do it through all the GUI’s.

Many people have already directed you to the Ubuntu Distro and roughly how to install it. Although there is one prgram called EasyUbuntu that will help you dramatically on installing all the really important things like flashplayer, win32-codecs, libdvdcss, and giving you more repositories in Synaptic. Along with a few other things.

Installing this program(EasyUbuntu) does require you to use the Terminal. But its a simple copy & paste the commands in and press Enter.
Check it out here: http://easyubuntu.freecontrib.org/