[ Tissues ] - [ 15 Minutes ]



quote on my model:
<SadShaggyBuffalo> but I’d worry about a tissue that isn’t white…
<SadShaggyBuffalo> re-cycled baby diapers that didn’t get bleached… some robot goofed in assembly line

By the way… The topic was supposed to be “Box of Tissues,” but I screwed up when we were initializing the SMC, so it came out as “Tisues.”

Great work both of you.

Just gotta say that I love the ligting in AMDBCGs render. Small spotlight, dramatizing the box, and then the tissue is kinda glowing.

I found that hilarious.

:slight_smile: thanks djbjrca :slight_smile:

What’s the point of bleaching paper when all you’re going to do is blow your nose on it?

protocoldoug - your tisues glow - easy on the nuclear bleach!

Both great models though - I can’t decide.