Titan X or GTX1080?

Which graphic card would you choose for work with 3D - Titan X or GTX1080?

Titan X has 12GB memory, for me this is the main argument in its favor. But I can not imagine - how quickly increases the amount of memory that is required for rendering a 3D scene. For example a scene that requires 12GB of memory for rendering - what is it like? What should be in this scene? Can you give me an example?

And one more question - does Titan X supports a color depth of 10 or 12bit?

Hi, you can check out production benchmark from blender.org, this scene need 16 GB.

This scene has a lot of hair and fur, 4K textures and was rendered in 4K.
If you work on architecture visualisation you will not often need so much, for example.
Look how much your scenes need at the moment on your system.
I have a 4 GB card and it is fine for me
Btw. GTX 1080 is not working in Blender 2.77, you have to wait until end of July before Blender can.
It is possible today but only experimental, not as stable version.

Cheers, mib

Ah, AMD use now Nvidia reference cooling system. :wink:
@maa2007, nice card but still very limited for Cycles render engine.

Cheers, mib

Thank you very much for the link and explanation! Do you mean that the GTX 1080 does not support Cyles Render, or any Blender render?
@maa2007, @mib2berlin
Thank you very much for the link to the card! Unfortunately my knowledge of graphics cards is limited, according to the graphs it looks like an interesting option, but why this card is limited forCycles Render engine (and how much limited)? And is it also limited for Vray and other render engines?

> Thank you very much for the link and explanation! Do you mean that the GTX 1080 does not support Cyles Render, or any Blender render?
Blender render does not use gpu so it will be fine

cycles render… will not be supported until blender switches over to the new cuda toolkit (cuda compiler)… this toolkit is currently in beta, and is not expected to be released for a few months.

We’ve tested all of the top GPUs on the market to help you find the right answer.
Top GPU cards performance comparison in Blender

I was wondering, any chance you’d test it with R9 FuryX? It has more shaders though I will be honest and say I don’t think it will make that much of a difference.

Still Nice to see the R9 Fury perform close to (depending on the windows version) other GPU’s

This would also lead to a question why in most benches, Windows 10 is nearly 1/2 as fast as even Windows 7, and can this be resolved on blenders side?

Finally, again thanks Lionrender for sharing the results with us. Been contemplating an update from my GTX 680 and R9 290x to something newer, this sure influences my decision a bit for the 980Ti until 1080 support improves

Why is there so big differents from Windows 7 to Windows 10 ?:no:

I am glad that i still have Windows 7 when i see this benchmark.

‘If you work on architecture visualisation you will not often need so much, for example.’

With archviz you will face to other problems like CUDA supports only 145 textures, which is not too much for a big archviz scene.AMD performs better for archviz.

Probably because win 10 is just a spy ware app :smiley:

Windows 10 being a spyware app should still not affect performance that much. Seeing that gaming didn’t drop by 1/2 even in CPU intensive games indicates that there is something else going on. And in one scene (Fishy Eye) Windows 10 was actually faster then Windows 7 (depending on the GPU that is)

Part of the everlasting issue is that Blender Developers are more Unix oriented so issues like this are not their priority. They have only a Blender Bot that complies Windows version for them, but as they do not use it for their production on daily basis, they might not even see the performance drop and have time to start investigation around it.

They did just “received” Windows 10 buildbot when Windows automatically updated it without them knowing. And the only reason they knew it changes is that people contacted them that they are not receiving Windows builds. Sadly confirming they don’t have much interest in Windows platform.

It could be a complier issue, just as it was in the earlier days with miniwig (was that the name) vs MS Visual C which did give Windows a significant rendering boost.

Personally I’m happy with Windows 10 for everything else that I do on it. Rendering… yeah, kind of bummer. Might have to “build” a Unix based renderfarm …

Still hoping Developers will find time to investigate and resolve the performance issue…

Pretty sure that the same issue effected the 980Ti cards… which they have fixed in a nightly build.

Any particular reason why none of those tests covers win8? I’ve been getting varied results with win8 and one Titan X that ranges from 1min 15s to 1min 17s, which beats just about all of those readings.